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AutoCAD - Operation & Maintenance Manuals - Design & Build

Operation & Maintenance Manuals

Galligan Engineering Solutions have being providing our clients with professional Operation and Maintenance Manuals for a number of years.

We have become leaders in our field and a proven asset to companies we work for.

Operation and Maintenance Manuals fall under three categories in relation to cost. These categories are as follows.  

  • Small Works
  • Medium Works
  • Large Works

Cost is Key

Not all manuals will fit into one of the categories above.

For example:

Their may be cases where a project could fall into the Medium work category due to the project scope, but the Manual required may be suited to the cost of a Small Works Manual.

Each project is reviewed and the cost agreed before work commences.

Prices below are a guide only, we will customise our prices to suite the Manual requirements